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Evil Eye Pandora Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are definitely a summer favorite like last year but the steep price tag can keep many out of the picture. If you are after the look more than the brand and labels, JEYLA has the perfect solution with its evil eye bracelets with pandora style beads. The website offers several types of these bracelets and even a few watches with these gorgeous beads.

One of these unique evil eye bracelets is sure to appeal to your taste but if you want to make your own personal bracelet, use the customization options that www.jeyla.com offers to make an evil eye bracelet that is truly YOURS. Choose the specific beads you want in terms of style and color and Jeyla Jewelry will be glad to make one for you.

Pandora bracelets have been great sellers and as the innovator and creator of some of these unique beads, www.jeyla.com is your main source for Pandora style evil eye jewelry

Got Evil Eye?

Got Evil Eye?

You Should! Evil Eye Jewelry and Fashions has been a growing trend over the last 10 years and with its ability to transform itself to match different looks, this trend is likely to continue. In fact, we expect it to gain even more momentum with the increase of evil eye apparel.

Like with most other Evil Eye items, JEYLA leads the group in selection and what you know the site for, exclusive designs that you cannot find anywhere else. Their Evil Eye Fashions section by itself proof that no other site can match their originality and attention to detail. See for yourself today @ www.jeyla.com

Add Clothing to your Retail Store

Looking for a new product line without the large investment and risk? Jeyla might be able to help you reach that goal.

Through the use of Jeyla’s Evil Eye Fashions collection as well as items available in their new website www.jeylafashions.com , JEYLA will enable its retail customers introduce a new line at their retail location without the risk. Jeyla is willing to make its clothing line available to its customers by allowing them to be able to return unsold merchandise at the end of xmas shopping season. Of Course there are restrictions to this program, but it can definitely boost your revenue without increasing your risk. Contact JEYLA for more details as this new initiative to assist their retailer customers continues. Online retailers will even have a larger advantage where JEYLA will even ship the items you sell in a drop ship type program.

Evil Eye Apparel

Evil Eye Shirt Design

JEYLA the Evil Eye Jewelry store provides yet another way to reach your customers. The new clothing line of the website featuring several evil eye designs in a variety of clothing ranging from toddler bibs to adult sweatshirts. All designs are copyrighted by JEYLA as they are the company’s original creations through works of graphic artists.

Designs range from simple evil eyes to elegant and detailed illustrations of evil eyes such as the one pictured. Check out the website for more evil eye apparel and let us know which one is your favorite. More importantly, which one is going to be the favorite for your customers?

Evil Eye Apparel

Looking for ways to add to your business of evil eye jewelry or apparel in general. With JEYLA’s new evil eye apparel collection, you will be able to address both and have items unlike any other on the market.

The current selection of evil eye clothing online is disappointing to say the least and JEYLA is entering this area with what we are accustomed to see from them. Quality with original designs at affordable prices.

Stay tuned for images and more news on this new line of items at JEYLA

Special Order Evil Eye Beads

Wholesale Evil Eye Beads

As part of their new website layout, JEYLA has now launched a new program where the evil eye website can offer an even wider range of evil eye beads with their brand new special order program.

The program enables you to have access to a wide range of sizes and colors of evil eye beads without having to order thousands of them from an overseas company you have minimal contact with. This not only enables you to be able to order more variety and get shorter shipping times. Most orders can still be shipped within a short period of time.

The launch of the program was mainly due to the increasing clientel of bead shops and bead enthusiasts the website has. ” Getting what the customer wants in the quantities they actuall need within the price range they are looking for is challenging but being able to provide this service is very satisfying” says Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. ” When I first started JEYLA jewelry over 10 years ago, I went through the same hassle. I just wanted to get some yellow evil eye beads. I did not need a thousand of them nor did I want to pay outragous shipping charges with a long wait on top of it”

The website can now offer he largest selection of evil eye beads online including some unique sizes and shapes as well as brand new Pandora style beads..more on those on our next post.

New Design Options for 2011

With holiday shopping season over and a new year beginning, it’s time to start looking for a new line of evil eye jewelry for your customers. Lucky for you, Jeyla Jewelry will soon be releasing their new line of exclusive evil eye jewelry. Most of you took advantage of their line of jewelry from last year. You will be even more excited about their new collection. They have increased the number of items offered to almost 60 different designs this year.

The designs feature the evil eye beads in three different sizes, the 8mm, the 12mm and the 13 x 9mm. They have been paired with a wide range of beads including wood, semi – precious stones, and glass beads in all sorts of shapes and colors. Pieces include new evil eye bracelets, evil eye earrings and evil eye necklaces.

These items can only be found on Jeyla Jewelry’s website. Be one of the first stores to add these beautiful items to their inventory.

Start 2011 with a bang… or a great deal!

Wholesale evil eye jewelry

The new year begins and as all businesses take a look at the holiday season to evaluate their performance and what they could have done better, it is important to make sure that your business is looking ahead to 2011.

January and February are great months to reevaluate your inventory, replenishing where you need to and deciding where to add. Many businesses try to stay put in these months only to realize later on that they miss the boat in early spring where business picks up again and now you do not have items you could be making sales on.

JEYLA Jewelry @ www.jeyla.com is already in contact with their retailer partners all over the world making sure that their stock is replenished and they do not fall into the trap many small businesses do. It also helps when the wholesale evil eye jewelry leader is offering great deals to go along with these initial 2011 orders.

Contact the website to find out more about these unique deals they are offering to take advantage of deals that are well below their regular wholesale pricing.

Evil Eye Jewelry Retailer Kits update

Glass evil eye

JEYLA has just added new sets to their retailer collection. The evil eye wholesale leader in the US continues to provide more options of evil eye for retailers around the US as well as around the world by offering setups that can enable any small business to start up on evil eye sales.

Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry, www.jeyla.com , states that since the launch of the kits, the response has been at times overwhelming.  The sets designed to invite small businesses to use evil eye kits to provide additional sales at their current business has even attracted interest from current evil eye sellers. ” I think it enables them to have access to a ‘collection’ instantly and they also do not have to worry about where and how to merchandise their items” Angie says, and promises that JEYLA will continue to expand the current wholesale evil eye kit selection.

Evil Eye Jewelry Retailer Kits

Evil Eye Retailer Kits

Looking to generate additional sales for your business especially with the holiday season approaching?

Jeyla the Evil Eye Store, located in Chicago, IL has a great solution for you.

Having seeing the success that many small businesses have had with their evil eye jewelry collection merchandised at their stores throughout the US, JEYLA decided to make it even easier to add our jewelry collection to your store by putting together several starter kits to choose from.

There are several advantages these kits provide to your business:

  • All kits include displayers so all you will have to do is to situate the displayer in the location you want.
  • No Shipping charges
  • An instant wide selection of colors from the most popular items.
  • Instant access to wholesale pricing on items on the rack as well as the remainder of the website @ www.jeyla.com
  • Variety of kits enables you to mix and match the items you want to sell. The kits were put together based on our experience of most successful items in your line of business.

Visit www.jeyla.com/wholesale.html to see the full selection of evil eye jewelry kits

JEYLA currently works with several small businesses such as gift shops, hair salons, and bead shops that have been very successful with our evil eye jewelry selection. As a company, we realize that in order to succeed, we have to make sure that our customers achieve the revenues and profit they are looking for. This is exactly why we created these kits so that you can have an instant sales boost with great margins for your business.

If you have any questions on creating a retailer account with Jeyla, their sales department which focuses on wholesale/retail customers can be reached at wholesale@jeyla.com .

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